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Hello everyone! My name is Mercedes Harvey and I am your current Miss California Teen Achieve 2010. This is a blog I will update weekly of all the great events and fantastic/life changing opportunities that serving as your queen has allowed me to have. I will be uploading pictures and videos and then telling you a summary of what they are about. What I hope to accomplish by this blog is to help young women become interested in participating in the Miss California Teen Achieve Pageant. It is truly a one of a kind scholarship pageant based on scholastic achievement and community service, not just beauty. It will increase your self confidence, help you possibly win scholarship money and meet amazing friends for life, and teach you valuable assets about yourself. Don’t miss out! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arbor Hill Nursing Center Grand Opening

            Yesterday evening, my mother and I went to the Arbor Hill Nursing Center for the grand opening. The nursing center, located in La Mesa, was probably one of the most fancy and well designed centers I have ever seen. It seriously looked like a hotel, which each bathroom and room looking like a suite at the Hilton. One of the management staff gave my mom and I a tour of the facility, and took us through one of the rooms, their bathrooms, their rehab center, and the courtyard. There were at least 50-70 people there supporting the grand opening, and everyone had something positive to say about the facility and their staff and residents. Sherral, and a few other members from the East County Chamber of Commerce arrived and I was excited to see them because this was one of my last ribbon cuttings, and I want to see them as much as possible. I’ve developed such fabulous friendships and relationships with them over the past year, and I truly feel as though we are a family. Spending nearly 12 months with all of the chamber members and getting to go to all sorts of functions, from selling raffle tickets, to countless ribbon cuttings, to being on the radio, to supporting local retirement homes and raising money for the Salvation Army, the East County Chamber of Commerce has really been a blessing to my entire reign and they have played such a key role to why this has been the best year of my life. With amazing support, they have given me the chance to do so many amazing things, that otherwise I would have not been able to do and I will miss them all greatly when my reign ends. However, I know that the relationships I have built with them will surpass time, and I will be there in an instant if they ever need anything.

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