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Hello everyone! My name is Mercedes Harvey and I am your current Miss California Teen Achieve 2010. This is a blog I will update weekly of all the great events and fantastic/life changing opportunities that serving as your queen has allowed me to have. I will be uploading pictures and videos and then telling you a summary of what they are about. What I hope to accomplish by this blog is to help young women become interested in participating in the Miss California Teen Achieve Pageant. It is truly a one of a kind scholarship pageant based on scholastic achievement and community service, not just beauty. It will increase your self confidence, help you possibly win scholarship money and meet amazing friends for life, and teach you valuable assets about yourself. Don’t miss out! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sears Outlet Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

            Yesterday morning, my mom and I went to Oceanside for the grand opening and ribbon cutting of Sears Outlet. It was one of the earliest I have done, it was around 8:30 am, wet and a bit, so I wasn’t extremely motivated to get out of the car because the ribbon cutting wasn’t till 8:45. However, then I saw Lauryn Moses, Miss Oceanside, walking up to the door and I knew that it was time to spring up and get to work. I quickly put on my crown and sash and walked into Sears Outlet where I found myself approaching a circle of employees, and Lauryn, where the manager was talking about how thankful he was too have such a fabulous staff, store location, and supportive city. Even the mayor of Oceanside, Jim Wood, was there to help support the new store and bring a huge welcome and thank you from the city. But because the store opened at 9 am, the manager and team quickly hurried out to the front to take the few pictures with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, Lauryn and I. We all just had a lot of fun laughing under the balloon arch, taking pictures and then afterwards going into the store to see all of the merchandise on sale. There were clothes and appliances, as well as exercise equipment, TV’s, and Kitchen equipment. My mom, Lauryn, myself and Lauryn’s sister and mother ended up talking for a little bit in the store-about pageantry, dresses, our plans for the future, and events we’ve done in the past. Once again, my mind flooded back to the remembrance of the sad fact this would be one of my last ribbon cuttings. Looking back, I cherish every moment of every ribbon cutting and event because it something I would have never had the opportunity to do this anytime else.

What we wear to the gym...:) hahah

With the beautiful Lauryn Moses, Miss Oceanside 2010!

With Jim Wood, the Mayor of Oceanside

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