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Hello everyone! My name is Mercedes Harvey and I am your current Miss California Teen Achieve 2010. This is a blog I will update weekly of all the great events and fantastic/life changing opportunities that serving as your queen has allowed me to have. I will be uploading pictures and videos and then telling you a summary of what they are about. What I hope to accomplish by this blog is to help young women become interested in participating in the Miss California Teen Achieve Pageant. It is truly a one of a kind scholarship pageant based on scholastic achievement and community service, not just beauty. It will increase your self confidence, help you possibly win scholarship money and meet amazing friends for life, and teach you valuable assets about yourself. Don’t miss out! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blood Mobile at Daphnes

Yesterday, I started off the new year of 2011, by helping at a bloodmobile in the Daphne’s parking lot. It was my mom and I, who were the only volunteers scheduled for that day-and we were surprised when we found out that there were only 4 people signed up for the entire day. The charge nurse told me that their goal for the day was to have about 18 people come, which meant that I would have to help get as many people that were in the shopping center to come donate blood. We were giving the gift away of two free Clippers (basketball team) tickets as well as a $5 Daphne’s gift card. The manager of the Bloodmobile went around to the local stores and put up posters and fliers about the blood drive. And surprisingly enough, a lot of people came in to donate blood! By the time that my shift was up we had about 10 people come-which is over half our goal. This just shows me that sometimes you don’t always need a planned list, or a schedule to get things done. Sometimes the best things happen in your life when you least expect them too-and that is the blessing of life. Because every day is a surprise, and adventure and something will happen that makes that day stand out from all the others.

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